Women, Meditation, Power, and Pele

How powerful is a woman?  

Right now, Mt. Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii is erupting with massive force.  The earth is shaking and massive streams of fiery lava and smoke plumes are bursting out of the earth’s core.  

That is how powerful a woman is.  

Hawaiians – natives and transplants – refer to Mt. Kilauea as home of the goddess Pele, with her sacred connection to the earth, the oceans and the red color of lava. They say that Pele is speaking now.  For decades, she was quiet.  Then change began as fissures broke open, widened and multiplied, lava spewed out of the crater, lava lakes and rivers formed and flowed.  The innate power of Pele the goddess – always there but dormant – became manifest.

Intense volcanic power is a metaphor for the power of women.

For many millennia, a wrong definition of power has prevailed.  Power, as defined in the dictionary, is associated with domination, control, rigidity, suppression.  But that is low-grade junk power.  Real power, female power, does not dominate, it flows -- rapidly.  

This is always demonstrated in nature.   A mild breeze becomes a powerful hurricane.  A rock slide becomes an avalanche.  A bonfire becomes an inferno, a stream becomes a waterfall, a wave in the sea becomes a tsunami.  In all these instances, what creates power?  The answer is simple. 

Faster transformation, greater movement, rapid fluidity creates power.  This is not chaotic, it is quite purposeful.  Power is created by movement, the more rapid it is, the more intensely powerful.

Women are built for power because they are more fluid than men.  A woman’s body changes rapidly and dramatically – from menstruation to the potential for pregnancy, childbirth, lactation.  Women, not men, are the multi-orgasmic, intuitive, adaptive and collaborative species, as demonstrated today by numerous studies.  Groups of women arrive at collaborative decisions faster than men.  That is power.

When power is defined accurately as fluidity and transformation, women are the vast power species on the planet.

Somewhere back in history, men, threatened by the innate power of women, tried to destroy it in every way – socially, economically, politically, sexually, and spiritually.  Instead of cultivating their own innate strength, which is love and humility, men cultivated a limited and lifeless view of power: destruction, domination and repression.  

Women are the vibrant power species on the planet Earth.  Men are innately built for love and humility.  

Paraphrasing Dr. Martin Luther King, Anglican Church Bishop Michael Curry expressed this at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle:  “We must discover the power of love, the power, the redemptive power of love. And when we discover that, we will be able to make this old world a new world. We will be able to make men better. Love is the only way.”  

Men’s love has been repressed, just as women’s power has been repressed.   

Yes, it’s an eff-up!  A vibrant meditation practice will help both women and men straighten things out and develop the innate qualities they are suited for, until– through the practice of meditation – they balance love (male) and power (female) in equal parts in their being.  

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Blue Skies Buddha #1 on Amazon Kindle

Yay! Reached another milestone this weekend -- Blue Skies Buddha is a #1 bestseller on Amazon Kindle.  How cool is that?!?  It happened right before the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.  Rama spoke of the Winter and Summer Solstices as two of the times of great power, meaning power to transform and change. 

People make New Year's resolutions but Rama spoke of visualizing the jumps you intend to make in terms of awareness and material achievement in the framework of Solstices and Equinoxes.

In the Fall Equinox of 2015, I pictured Blue Skies Buddha as achieving some initial success by the Winter Solstice, creating a foundation upon which it would grow.   During the past three months, the biography became a finalist in two categories of USA Book News Best Books of 2015, hit a #1 spot on the Amazon Kindle best seller list (in its category for Buddhism), received great new reviews and more -- that I can't say yet! 

I am visualizing the future for Blue Skies Buddha between now and the Spring Equinox.  Rama's suggestion to follow the energy lines from Solstice to Equinox is a powerful way of making wonderful and empowering change in your life.

Award-winning! Blue Skies Buddha Finalist Best Books of 2015

i got the news a few nights ago that Blue Skies Buddha had been named a finalist in two categories (the only two in which the book was submitted) in the USA Book News competition for best books of 2015.  

The two categories are Biography and Spirituality: General.

Over 2,000 books were submitted by publishers from big mainstream to indies.  The judges were also from a wide range of backgrounds.

As a writer, I am thrilled.  My goal in writing was to create a book that everyone could read whether or not they had ever heard of Buddhism or Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz,    My goal was to share the huge, peerless adventure that his students experienced, so that those who weren't there might partake of it.  My goal was to share teachings that are perfectly targeted for 21st century people with careers and aspirations, so that readers might learn and gain.

Now these goals seem much closer.  I look forward to the dialogue.


New beginnings are exciting and powerful.  Today the first public announcement of Blue Skies Buddha went out over the wires.  You can find the press release here.  Tonight I did something unusual.  I often work at home at night – on blogs, emails, Lenz Foundation business, books.  Tonight I went out after work to ABC Carpet & Home, on the second floor of a very magical store filled with lights and crystals and finely crafted expressions of beauty.

The theatre on the second floor is Deepak’s home base.  Wow.  What a fine example of spiritual architecture.  The setting was open, spacious, bright and clean, the walls had pictures with fine yoga aphorisms.  Behind Deepak on stage were sculptures and affirmative expressions of self-worth.  Wooden branches broke up the space and added a playful dimension. 

I never heard Deepak speak before.  He reminded me at times of my first spiritual teacher, a man from India who was immersed in Hindu knowledge yet able to express it in ways that made sense for Westerners. 

OK, I cheated.  I just wikipedia’d Deepak.  Not that Wikipedia is reliable since the nay-sayers often come in and negate the good.  Having read it, however, now I am totally on Deepak’s side.  He has persisted in spite of criticism.  He has been backing research on meditation’s beneficial health benefits for years.  Now that research is paying off brilliantly, as more and more scientists are leaping into the field to discover the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.  Deepak is a medical physician but a lot of the meditation sniping comes from his fellow doctors.

Deepak grew up in India and is immersed in its rich spiritual knowledge.  Tonight, Deepak interviewed a man named Michael O’Neill, a photographer who created an evocative book of photos of yoga masters, primarily in the Far East.  What a fine podium Deepak has created.  Tonight, I gave Deepak a copy of Blue Skies Buddha.  I sense he is reading it.  New beginnings.


Hi there!  Welcome to my website!  Here you will find thoughts related to my books.  I've posted a series of blogs on the Blue Skies Buddha blog.  Now I'm thinking about Women, Meditation and Power: The Missing Metaphysical Link, the book I will soon publish via Mystic Buddha Publishing House

The world is vastly out of balance.  The symptoms of this fact are everywhere, but what is missing is root cause.  Here, you're at the right page to find out what it is!   Look no further than an assembly of the world's leaders, such as the one that took place last week at the United Nations in New York City.  There they are, all lined up -- almost all men, just a few women.  THAT, my friends, is why the world is out of balance in all its manifestations.  THAT is root cause. 

Women are innately, structurally wired for power.  Women have an innate fluidity that men do not.  Men have other attributes that they are structurally wired for -- love and humility.  Notice the mix up here?  For the last several millennia, women have been subjected and repressed into powerlessness, and men have rejected love and humility.  Flip this situation and a balance will take place that has not been seen in thousands of years.

How do I know this?  I heard it first from a Buddhist teacher.  Then I observed.  Until recently, studies regarding competence, communication, strength and leadership were not even done on woman.  Now that they are being conducted, research shows that women are naturally better leaders than men.  Women are brilliant with power.  What are men good at?  An overwhelming, universal love, and an ability to embrace nature at its own level.  Love and humility. 

I explore these topics in Women, Meditation and Power.  And I observe them daily.  I see breakthroughs for women every day.  Ronda Rousey has done more to break the glass ceiling of perception about powerful women than almost anyone I read about.  I'd like to see more men break the glass ceiling of perception about loving-kindness and humility.  The opposite of dysfunctional swaggering and abuse of power.